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Billboard in the Desert? No Way!

You’ve probably heard the saying that building a website is like putting up a billboard in the desert. No one is going to see it! Until you’ve done something to bring people to your site.

So, let’s take a moment to talk about search engine optimization. As you can imagine, Areeb Bajwa and Mo Taqi live and breathe SEO all day, every day. So, when they share a new SEO strategy, people pay close attention.

Your new website will receive an SEO campaign worthy of a major Hollywood movie premier! Just feast your eyes on this exclusive link building campaign brought to you by Areeb and Mo:

1) Web 2.0 Properties: Top-tier networks all featuring your keywords and links back to your money site

2) Wiki Sites: Even more unique articles pointing back to your money site from wiki sites such as .edu which Google loves

3) Private High PR Blog Network: Your unique articles with in-context anchor text posted on our exclusive PR 3 to PR 5 Private Blog Network (each site unique to fly under the radar)

4) Web 2.0 Profiles: All the top-tier social networks with varied, natural-looking profile pages.

5) PDF Submission: Custom PDF with your featured website and keywords. Distributed to top sites such as Scribd, Upload, DocStock, Slideshare and Docshare.com.

6) Social Bookmarks: Over 20 high traffic social bookmarking sites for your submissions.

All of these first-tier links are top-of-the-line quality! But, we don’t stop there. After all, a link not indexed is a link not built! To ensure that your links are found and receive their proper Google respect, we backlink to your first-tier using:

a) Wiki Sites Backlink: In a carefully randomized fashion, your first-tier links will all receive a powerful base of support from diverse Wiki sites.

b) Backed up by Three Powerful Indexing Services! By mixing multiple indexing techniques, Lindexed, Nuclear Link Indexer, and Xindexer will spread the word about your backlinks and force search engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks.

So, let’s sum this up:

You will have SENuke legends, Areeb and Mo, personally designing your SEO strategy. No secret- SEO changes all the time and we’ll continue to update this plan to keep up with what works today! A team of SEO experts will implement this campaign for each new site you own.

Refund Policy

We don't provide any refunds for this exclusive service as it is not a tangible product that can be shipped or a digital product that can be downloaded. But you are free to cancel your membership anytime in order to avoid being billed in the future.

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