Frequently Asked Questions

I just subscribed to Nuke4Me, what next?

You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get started.

Will I be able to change these urls and keywords?

Of course! You can change your URLs whenever you feel like it. But we do recommend that you promote the same URLs at least for a while to get best results.

Do I have to supply any articles for my promotions?

Not at all! We already have a team of highly experienced professional American writers that will create top notch search engine optimized content, which will be used in your promotions. And don't worry, these articles are unique and high quality, well written by our American writer. 

We have articles available in these 70+ topics right now. Just tell us which one to use for your daily promotions.

How soon will my website rank on the first page of Google?

All though you will start seeing results shortly after your promotions start, the time it takes for you to achieve top rankings depend on many factors, one of the factors being your competition.

In other words, if your competitor has spent years and years promoting their website or blog to achieve top rankings, you can't expect to beat them and dominate the niche overnight.

Some niches may take longer to achieve a higher position in the search engines, while others may be easily dominated with a single one month campaign. This is exactly why we give you the option of switching the websites that you would like to have promoted each month.


How many links are you going to build for me?

SEO is about quality, not quantity.  Buying an SEO promotion based solely on the number of links you’ll get is just throwing away your money.  A backlink from a Page Rank 5 authority site is worth more than thousands of spammy profile or comment links!  

Here’s more information:

With Nuke4Me, you will receive contextually relevant backlinks from a wide variety of high quality sources.  Some come from our private, no footprint blog network featuring PR 3 to PR 5 authority sites.  

Other links will come from well-known domains drawn from social networks, video, PDF sharing and press release websites.  This diversity provides the most natural link pattern proven to give you a concentrated boost in your rankings.


Can I get a daily link report to measure my progress?

With Nuke4Me 2.0, we do not promote your links on the same networks over and over again.  There is much greater variety in how we promote your links. In fact, the exact steps the Nuke4Me team performs on a daily basis is a closely guarded secret!

This isn't to say we don't trust you. It's just that we have to take greater precautions to avoid leaving a footprint that Google can detect.  We also want to keep our competitors from copying our secret recipe.

As a result, we're unable to provide you with a Daily Submissions Report. If you think about it, we'd be handing anyone a blueprint to exactly what we're doing.

There are several free tools that can help you check your rankings, so you can measure the progress you are making.

We recommend you track your rankings using any good tracking tool. You'll find this a handy way to monitor your keywords and see how you are ranking for them.


Why do Nuke4Me packages promote only 1 URL at a time?

The Nuke4Me service promotes just 1 URL in an article. This ensures that your back link looks as natural as possible and avoids any Google penalty.

Promoting multiple URLs in the same article is not going to give you the results you want. The more unrelated URLs in an article, the more likely that Google will view this as web spam.

Proof here:

Take a look at the second image within the post. Google gave this as an example of poorly spun text with backlinks having nothing to do with the context of the article. 

While inferior SEO services create this web spam, Nuke4Me does not! SEO success comes from giving Google what it wants.  Every Nuke4Me package includes high quality, readable articles where the content is related to your URL anchor text.  As a result, each Nuke4Me package is concentrated on a single URL.


I have multiple websites I need to promote. How can I accomplish this?

In the Nuke4Me membership site, you always have the option of changing which URL is promoted from one month to the next.  Once you are happy with the rankings your promoted site has achieved, just change your campaign to the next website you want to boost.

You can change your URLs whenever you feel like it. But we do recommend that you promote the same URL at least for a while to get best results.

As a successful internet marketer, you may want to promote different URLs at the same time.  Therefore, we are offering a discount if you buy more than one Nuke4Me package:

2 monthly packages - $100 off

3 packages- $150 off

4 packages- $250 off

For discount Please contact Nuke4Me support @


Are there any URLs or keywords which cannot be promoted?

The following types of site (and related keywords) are NOT allowed to participate in the Nuke4Me service: sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites that promote child pornography, sites of a purely adult nature, or any other sites that we deem to be inappropriate.

Our content guidelines are similar to what is allowed under the Google AdSense program:


Who will be working on my Nuke4Me campaign?

Nuke4Me was founded by Mo Taqi, an experienced SEO expert.  Mo has worked with many of today’s leading internet marketers to optimize their SEO campaigns.  Over the last few years, Mo has assembled a dream team of over 20 full-time search engine specialists.

The Nuke4Me team spans the globe — from the Americas to the Near East and Far East — our team is united in the common goal to provide you with turnkey, worry-free web promotion.

To deliver your unique Nuke4Me promotion, the team has incorporated cutting-edge yet proven strategies, the latest SEO technology, and good old-fashioned manual work.

While automation tools such as SENuke are powerful, when misused, they do more harm than good. The Nuke4Me team uses different tools to support a carefully planned SEO strategy.  In addition, much time and effort is spent on manual, custom-crafted promotions.  While this is more costly, the ranking results for your campaign will speak for themselves.


Who creates the content for my backlinks?

We have a team of native English speakers and professional American writers who create top notch search engine optimized content.  The content will be unique to your promotion. No two Nuke4Me members will receive the same content. This allows your backlinks to be found in highly readable, customized articles for maximum SEO impact.

We have articles available in over 70 different topic areas with more being added all the time. Just tell us which one to use for your daily promotions. 


Do you guarantee the results I will achieve?s?

Anyone guaranteeing that you’ll have a number 1 ranking is, at best, naïve or, at worst, a scammer.  Search engine optimization is inherently an ever-evolving game.  To maximize your chances of success, team up with experienced SEO experts who have been doing this for years.

Our results for Nuke4Me members speak for themselves.  Check out our Success Stories. Read the testimonials.  At the end of the day, your experience will vary based on the keywords and competition in your niche.

We’ll tell you what we think is realistic for you to achieve based on our experience.  Our promise is that we will work hard every single day to promote your website.  We’ve always been able to have a positive impact for our members’ targeted keywords.

Does Nuke4Me require a long-term commitment?

No. Nuke4Me is a monthly subscription; you will automatically be billed monthly until you decide to cancel. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time to avoid future billing.  There is no obligation and no cancellation penalty.

However, we encourage you to give Nuke4Me a few months to work. The SEO game isn’t won overnight.  Nuke4Me is superior to other SEO services in that we take action for you Monday through Friday. Consistently building backlinks for you using the latest techniques.  When Google rolls out a new algorithm update, Nuke4Me quickly adapts and your campaigns are adjusted. That’s our long-term commitment to you.

How can I contact you with more questions?

Please contact Nuke4Me support @